Artist Statement

I approach sculpture from two different perspectives. First, I try to make each piece interesting on a purely visual level. Secondly, I attempt to use symbolism from the physical world, mythology and spiritual practices to challenge the viewer’s paradigms about our relationship to each other, to our environment and to the universe. In my opinion, the unveiling of the true Self and, consequently, nondual Spirit is the ultimate goal of art. You can substitute the word God, Tao, or whatever, for Spirit but it’s basically about the realization that “All is One” that I’m getting at. Nondual spiritual practices suggest that any separation we perceive between ourselves and others or any part of the physical or spiritual realms is an illusion. I think that this is intuitively what artists are doing when they create art. It represents an attempt to go from the finite self to the timeless Self. This type of art is sometimes called transpersonal art. It occurred to me recently that what I am attempting could be called “visual koan”. The intent of a written koan is to instill the understanding that the separation between subject and object is an illusion. Some of my artwork is a visual attempt at this type of practice. Purely representational art can expand ones consciousness as well, if it captures a timeless moment because Spirit itself is timeless; meaning not time everlasting but beyond time. I believe that any art that disarms you, makes you smile, or makes you think, is successful. At the very least, most artists hope for an emotional response to their work; I love it, I hate it, it makes me feel…etc. It’s not uncommon, however, for two viewers to get radically different impressions of a work. I hope my work will inspire you in some way.

Rob Gigliotti
August 2009


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"Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International Artists"
by Danijela Kracun
published by Schiffer

Juried Exhibitions
Representing Galleries

Arts Alive Invitational
LaConner, WA
Nov. 2013, 2015

River Gallery
Mt. Vernon, WA
spring and fall show

Matzke Fine Art & Sculpture Park
Camano Island, WA

Anacortes Arts Festival
Anacortes, WA
August 2010

Gallery Cygnus
La Conner, WA
two person show
June 2010

Depot Arts Center
Anacortes, WA
May 2010

featured artist
August, 2009

Guardino Gallery
Portland, OR
June 2009

Lucia Douglas Gallery
Bellingham, WA
two person show
February, 2009

Stanwood WA
March, 2008-2012, 2016

Stanwood House and Gallery
Stanwood, WA

History of the World Fine Art Gallery
Camano Island, WA

Seattle University
two person show

Continental Savings Bank
Seattle, WA
two person show - 1998

Edmonds Art Festival
Edmonds, WA
1988-1998, 2003, 2008-2016
First Place Award 1998, 2008, 2010, 2012
Second Place Award 2009

Arts Council of Snohomish County
Everett, WA
1997-1998, 2008

Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival
Whidbey Island, WA

Ste. Michele Winery
Woodinville, WA

A Gallery Fine Art

Palm Desert, CA

Gallery Diamante
Carmel, CA

The Wit Gallery
Lenox, MA

Robert E. Gigliotti

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